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    • Translation
      Language translation involves more than just exchanging words from one language to another. Translation is a craft that requires skill, training and experience.

      Every field has industry-specific terminology and translation is no exception. Therefore it is of great importance that the translator are well versed in the terminology of their chosen specialty. For example, business correspondence in German may close with "Mit freundlichen GrĂ¼ssen" which literally translated into English would be "With friendly Greetings". However an appropriate ending in English would be "Sincerely Yours".
    • Interpretation
      An interpreter translates verbally for parties conversing in different languages. Our interpreters are skilled professionals who are specialized in different fileds as well as different dialects.

      We offer consecutive, simultaneous and phone-interpretation for both the legal communities (depositions, court-hearings etc.) as well as the business communities (business meetings, conventions, trade shows and conferences).
    • Editing and Proofreading
      At Cosmos Lingua, Inc. Translation Services all written translations are subject to a thorough review by our professional editors and proofreaders. To ensure quality control the editor will check for any errors in grammar, style and/or imprecise usage of terminology.

    • About Us
    • Stephanie Blair is the owner and managing director of Cosmos Lingua Inc., a language service company located in Los Angeles, California. More About Us
    • Clients
    • The Walt Disney Company, FOX Cable Networks, NBC / Universal, DreamWorks SKG. More list of clients
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